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First Dates - Channel 4

12 November 2018

Aisleyne created quite a media stir when she appeared on popular Channel 4 show "First Dates" on Monday November 12th 2018.

Channel 4's own summary quoted Aisleyne as looking for a man with 'the heart of the Dalai Lama, the personality of Russell Brand and the body of Rocky Balboa'.

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Good Morning

01 November 2018

Aisleyne made another early TV appearance on November 1st 2018 - and said a naughty word!

She was appearing again on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain', this time to debate the whether Commander Steven Heap should have been taken before a military court for slapping a female officer's behind.

In defending the Commander, Aisleyne inadvertently used "the A-word" and while Richard Madeley hadn't noticed, Susanna Reid had!

In fact, as the Sun pointed out, "Despite Aisleyne being pulled up, journalist Radhika Sanghani, who she was debating against, had actually uttered it first.

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Big Brother in the News

14 September 2018

The climax of Celebrity Big Brother on September 10th and the launch of the "civilian" edition on the 14th attracted even more than the usual news attention, and Aisleyne figured prominently in the media mix.

Her Sun columns for both versions always mean her opinions and social media comments are influential, of course.

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Good Morning - Again!

13 February 2018

It was another early morning call for Aisleyne on Tuesday February 13th when she was again invited to appear on ITV's Good Morning Britain to take part in the day's Big Debate.

This time the presenters were Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway, and the subject was whether the NHS should fund the cost of corrective procedures to botched plastic surgery carried out abroad.

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Back to Fubar

01 February 2018

Aisleyne made a welcome return to Fubar Radio on Thursday February 1st, when she joined hosts Lizzie Cundy and Stephen Leng on their "Access All Areas" chat show.

With Celebrity Big Brother reaching its final climax at the time, who better to have as guest than BB legend and Sun columnist Ms Horgan-Wallace?

And listeners were not disappointed as "our hottie Aisleyne" (to quote Fubar's website) delivered her trenchant views in customary forthright style.

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