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The Icecreamists

17 September 2009

On Thursday 17th September Aisleyne went along to Selfridges to the launch of "The Icecreamists, the agents of cool".

In a "subversive" ambience far removed from the pink and chrome of the traditional ice cream bar, Aisleyne and the other guests were treated to such exotic ice cream delights as "Obamarama", "Chocland Yard", "Never Mind The Hazelnuts" and "Taking The Pistacchio". We gather that there was also a good deal of liquid nitrogen and champagne involved as well, but presumably not together.

Music was provided by house band, Jimmy Love and the Icecreamists.

There is an interesting coincidence regarding Aisleyne and one of the other celebs sampling the exotic products on display, namely Nina Wadia (Eastenders' Zainab Masood). "We had a chat, she was lovely," said Aisleyne, adding, "I've since heard that she's going to be working on the BBC My Story* series, too. How funny is that!"

*(My Story is a major new series for BBC One on which Aisleyne is working - much more to come on that - so keep an eye open)

STOP PRESS: In fact Nina has already made an appearance on the first "My Story" Roadshow in London on 19th September. Aisleyne will be doing the same in Middlesbrough on 3rd October.

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