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Mind Body and Soul Clinic

24 September 2012

Early on Monday 24th September Aisleyne and her good friend Nicola McLean took the train North to Manchester. They were the star guests at the launch of Bridgewater Hosptal's exclusive new Mind, Body and Soul Clinic, which provides a wide variety of therapies and treatments.

When they arrived at Manchester's Piccadilly station they were greeted by several paparazzi who snapped the glamorous twosome as they made their way along the platform and concourse to meet the car taking them to the clinic. Aisleyne's saucy black hosiery proved particularly eye-catching.

Now, Mancunians may deny that it always rains in Manchester, but Ash and Nicola might beg to differ, because it was umbrellas all the way that day, as the outdoor pictures testify!

Happily, once indoors, the girls had a much more comfortable time. First they mingled with the other guests at the champagne reception, and then donned their white bathrobes to sample some of the top-to-toe treatments and therapies offered by the clinic, all caught on camera, of course. It's a hard life, sometimes, being a celebrity, isn't it?

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