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Aisleyne on Anuvahood DVD Tour

07 July 2011

The much-anticipated Anuvahood DVD and Blu-Ray version was launched on Monday 4th July, and to celebrate the event cast members embarked on a 4-day promotional tour.

A luxury single decker bus had been decked out in the now-familiar bright primary colours of the posters, with huge pictures of Kenneth (sorry, Kay!), Tyrone and the rest adorning the sides. And just behind the driver, above the front wheel-arch was a larger-than-life Maria, as portrayed by our very own Aisleyne.

Unfortunately, Aisleyne wasn't available for the first day, as she had another commitment. After a morning press-call, the highly conspicuous vehicle hit the M1 for the ASDA store in Derby, where a long queue had formed for cast members to sign their DVDs, posters, T-shirts and other Anuvahood memorabilia.

On Tuesday morning Aisleyne joined other cast members for the remainder of the tour. First stop was Forest Gate Community School London, followed by Hainault Forest School, Ilford. At each school cast members spoke to the students and took part in some drama workshops. Then it was off to Milton Keynes to the largest ASDA store in Europe, where once again large numbers of enthusiastic fans queued up to meet the stars and get their goodies signed. One of the cast members present tweeted "This queue is not ending! My wrists are aching from signing! Not complaining though..."

Wednesday saw the bus travel North to the Trafford Centre, Manchester, where Aisleyne was particularly impressed with the marble staircase at the grand entrance. At 4pm the team took over the main stage in the Great Hall. After a special live performance of "Hype Hype Ting" by Adam Deacon and Jazzie Zonzolo, it was writer's cramp time again as large numbers of fans filed through with their DVDs, T-shirts and posters. And as on previous occasions lots of tubes of Fruit-tellas were given out and consumed - badman style, of course!

Thursday's tour finale was rather closer to home, as the bus had only to travel "Up West" to the Oxford Circus branch of HMV for the last signing session, which was billed as "the Ultimate Badman event". And with DJ Manny spinning for the waiting crowds, plus a special performance of "Hype Hype Ting" on the HMV Stage by Adam, Jazzie and JME, it was all, as Tyrone would say "Standard Procedures".

Aisleyne said, "it's been very hectic, but I'm so proud to be part of such a smash-hit success. And I'm so glad I got to meet so many lovely people."

And we're sure that they were also very pleased to meet you, Aisleyne!

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