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The Magnificent Seven
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Posted 30/8/2007 01:53 (#22136)
Subject: The Magnificent Seven

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Carole has never been a favourite of mine. I find her too controlling, too judgemental and close-minded and too disloyal.

On the other hand, I don't think she's a bad person and I think the fact that so many of her fellow housemates, despite being only too familiar with her bad points, still love her to bits says a lot.

As a protester she obviously cares passionately about a lot of things. I think she really does care about the others in the house. I think she sees them as her family and genuinely takes pleasure from looking after them and doing things for them. Sometimes she can be moany or a bit of a party-pooper but, for someone her age, she does more than her fair share of getting involved in the fun and games.

Whatever you think of her she's been a huge part of the show this year and she deserves to be in the final week.

In some ways he reminds me of me - perhaps it's the lack of hair

He's not too confident mixing with people, he's a bit of an academic and a geek. He likes to put himself down a lot as a kind of a defense mechanism.

I suspect a lot of the weird behaviour is a deliberate attempt to make himself more interesting, I'm not convinced he's quite as out there in real life, but that's ok.

At the end of the day I think he's a lovely guy: sensitive, articulate, educated, non-judgemental, amiable and funny.

He's my 5th place.

I think Liam's great. He's a really genuine, down-to-earth guy. He's not pretentious or argumentative or arrogant in any way. He's intelligent, funny and seems to be good at everything he turns his hand too: magic tricks, singing, juggling garden furniture, chatting up the girls

If it wasn't for the fact that he's already won the money (and deservedly so, I reckon) and that he's been so emotionally stable that we haven't really seen much of a journey from him I'd rate him higher. But he's my fourth place this year.

I know that some of the stuff he does seems contrived - I'm still not convinced about the Shakespeare - but I've never held it against housemates who make an effort to entertain us and I'm not going to start with Brian.

Sometimes I think he shouldn't be so narrow-minded when it comes to broadening his horizons. Culture is not a dirty word and even if it's not his thing I don't think he should be looking down at it the way he seems to.

Having said that, he's a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He's incredibly funny whether he believes it or not. He genuinely cares for people and at times shows really great insight and wisdom for his age. He's not afraid to put his feelings on the line or to stand up and be counted. There's a kind of vulnerability and innocence about him that makes you want to see him win this thing but, for me, he's my number three.

Every year there's a housemate who the public, IMO, get completely wrong. In previous years it was Michelle, Saskia and Aisleyne. This year it's Ziggy.

He's definitely been on the biggest journey. He came into the house a cool, confident guy. Good-looking, charming, knew exactly how to shmooze the ladies. Everyone loved him. He's been reduced at times to an emotional wreck crying in the toilets. If anyone deserved to win based on the ordeal they've had to go through, it would be Ziggy.

Confidence is often mistaken for arrogance but I don't think he was ever arrogant. He puts a lot of importance behind the implications of his actions, on what people will think of him and how the outside world will perceive him but that's not about arrogance or manipulating his image it's about wanting to be liked, wanting to do the right thing and wanting his family to be proud of him.

He became very indecisive over his feelings for Chanelle and it turned a lot of people against him but I believe he was driven at all times by a desire to do right by her. When he broke up with her it was because he thought it wouldn't work and he didn't want to lead her on. When he got back together it was because he wasn't sure if he didn't have real feelings for her and because he didn't want her to look bad by being dumped so publically.

Ziggy is the kind of guy who doesn't open up his emotions easily. He's a private kind of person. He values self-respect, he cares a lot about people and he agonizes over every little thing. He's been eating himself up over Chanelle since she left. He reckons she could have won and blames himself for her not being there to share the experience. He feels guilty about the people who were evicted because of him . He feels in awe of some of the other housemates and doesn't feel he deserves to be there as much as they do.

Some people seem to think it's a good thing not to care what people think of you but I think that's the most arrogant you can be. The way I see it, the fact that Ziggy cares so much about what people think of him can only be a good thing. Maybe he shouldn't beat himself up quite so much but all the same, he is how he is because he cares.

I'd be happy if he won but I don't think it'll happen. He's my number two.

The Twins
When the twins first arrived on the scene a lot of people thought they were horrendous. Far too giggly, far too immature and juvenile. University students pretending to be twelve year old nincompoops. The kind of housemates designed to drive everyone crazy.

I loved them from the start but it seemed to take other people a bit longer

The twins have been great housemates. They've given their all to the tasks, to entertaining the public, themselves and the rest of the house. Their boundless enthusiasm has been a joy to behold.

They've always been there to comfort and cheer up the other housemates. They've been warm and friendly to everyone, even people that most couldn't stand. They are lovely girls, polite, respectful, not prone to arguments or confrontation. They haven't avoided nomination by slipping under the radar they've avoided nomination by being delightful girls that any parent would be proud to take the credit for.

They've shown that they care about their fellow housemates. They haven't gone the whole time without crying but when they cry it is because they are upset for others not themselves. They've shown strength of character too. Sam showed she could make the tough decisions when she got the group to the nominate Ziggy and Carole this week and Amanda showed she wasn't afraid to explain how she felt to Carole about Carole's insensitivity in bigging up Sam at Amanda's expense afterwards.

More than any this year, I think the twins have made a genuine effort to wring every drop of pleasure from the BB experience and, for that reason alone, I think they deserve to win


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Posted 30/8/2007 11:54 (#22141 - in reply to #22136)
Subject: Re: The Magnificent Seven

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I pretty much agree with you there. However, I find Liam a bit arrogant sometimes, so I'd probably want him 5th and Jonty 4th.
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Posted 30/8/2007 12:37 (#22144 - in reply to #22136)
Subject: RE: The Magnificent Seven

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I agree that the twins should win.  They have always tried to be positive and not get dragged down by the arguments (and they are from Stoke ).  I quite like Jonty as well.  He is a quirky character and a bit of an eccentric but he is a big kid at heart. Brian has got on my nerves this last week.  He is definitely a game player and tried every trick under the sun from past BBs to win.  I have no problem with this because after all it is a gameshow and he did not step on others in his quest. He has become cocky and arrogant though and shown a side I don't like since the last nominations were announced and he realised he is in the final.

As for the others I can't stand them. Carole has left casualties in her wake and upset a lot of people.  Anyone who got close to "her boys" soon became a casualty.  As for everyone in the house liking her they soon change their tune when they are evicted and find out what we have seen and they have missed (Gerry for example).

Liam would get called all kinds of things if he was a woman.  He treats women badly just like they were put on this earth as a play thing for him.  He has no consideration at all for their feelings.

Ziggy is another player and is only concerned about how he is percieved on the outside. His treatment of Chanelle was disgraceful.  He supposedly wanted to cool things with her but always shared a bed with her at night.  Ever likely the girl did not know where she stood and when he suggested that the solution was for one of them to go and then stare at her (the day before she went) just shows him to be selfish. He wanted her to sacrifice her place just to please him.  I think Ziggy is a serial womaniser.

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