What to Wear and What to Bring


Your comfort throughout the weekend is very important to us. Please wear exercise clothing and suitable training footwear for your arrival, as once you’ve checked in, you’ll go straight out and into your personal fitness assessment. Layers work really well as you can strip off and rug up as the need arises.


Kit for your Weekend Booty Camp Experience
  • Jogging bottoms, leggings or other fitness trousers – you’ll need enough for your entire stay.
    (If the weather’s wet, you may want to bring along 2 sets of clothes for each day so that you can change if necessary.)
  • Some shorts or lighter weight exercise clothing to change into if the weather is warm
  • Shirts, vests and tops sufficient for 2 changes per day
  • Socks – plenty – 2 pairs per day is recommended
  • 2 pairs of runners or trainers and one pair of appropriate walking footwear
  • Indoor shoes / slippers so that your feet can be comfy at the end of the day
  • A light-weight jacket
  • Waterproof jacket (we Booty Camp in all weathers!)
  • Indoor clothing to relax and lounge around in after your shower at the end of the day (we supply bathrobes for our guests in-house)
  • Deodorant, toiletries and a small first aid kit including anti-histamines, paracetamol and band-aids as a minimum
  • A high-visibility jacket/vest (on some occasions we do walks/runs that include road use)
  • A sports water bottle (we provide the water!)
  • An exercise mat
  • Two sports towels
  • Phone charger




You may also like to bring:

  • ipod
  • dvds
  • book / kindle
  • magazines
  • heart monitor
  • your sense of FUN!