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Lady in Red

06 February 2008

Aisleyne was the "Lady in Red" at a VIP reception in Pall Mall on 6th February, as she presented to the excited scrum of paparazzi the first public showing of a stunning dress from her "Unique by Aisleyne" collection.
She was attending the launch party for Shoestring Travel, who had decked out exclusive venue La Galleria to reflect some of their destinations such as Marrakech, which Aisleyne had visited a couple of months ago. Aisleyne and her fellow VIP guests encountered a number of exotic delights such as belly dancers, a lady with a snake, and even a friendly gorilla, who was lucky enough to get his picture taken with Ash.
"Aisleyne's baaaaccckkk" cried NWDaily in their report of the event. Well, WE didn't think she'd been away actually. Though of course she has been so busy with her TV show and preparing the launch of her clothing range that there hasn't been much time to party recently. But with plenty more of the "Unique by Aisleyne" range to publicise, we suspect that the paps and mags might just be seeing her around a bit more often in the foreseeable future...

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