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First Dates - Channel 4

12 November 2018

Aisleyne created quite a media stir when she appeared on popular Channel 4 show "First Dates" on Monday November 12th 2018.

Channel 4's own summary quoted Aisleyne as looking for a man with 'the heart of the Dalai Lama, the personality of Russell Brand and the body of Rocky Balboa'.

According to Radio Times "her date Darren is a dead ringer for Jason Statham", and it asked "is he the alpha male she is looking for?"

As could be predicted, the encounter provided plenty of entertaining "banter", but media attention also focussed on a more serious side, when Aisleyne opened up about her miscarriages and fertility problems.

So did the date lead to anything romance-wise? Well, we DID learn that they watched the broadcast together...

See what YOU think of their chemistry by watching the show in the Videos section.

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