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Good Morning Britain

20 September 2017

By 5:15 am on Wednesday, 20th September Aisleyne was already in a car on her way to the ITV studios to appear on Good Morning Britain. A few hours later she joined hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on air to debate with writer Anne Atkins "Is It Time For 'Ladette' Culture to End?", following on from comments that Dawn French had made on the subject recently.

In the advert break before the debate began, Aisleyne caught up off camera with Susanna to congratulate her again on her double success at the National Reality TV Awards, which they had both attended less than 36 hours earlier.

In the debate Aisleyne's position was that women should be allowed to behave in exactly the same way as men, and "if that's drinking and going out, then so be it", an argument that both hosts seemed to endorse.

To watch the full debate, hop over to the Videos section.

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