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It's Official - Aisleyne is a BB Legend

04 July 2015

Following her ratings-boosting entry into the Big Brother 16 house on June 24th, Aisleyne stayed on for a further 10 sensational "Timewarp" days as a legendary housemate.

And of course, Aisleyne being Aisleyne, there would never be a dull moment.

It's nine years since BB7, but the memories flooded back as Aisleyne once again gave us the full emotional roller-coaster mixture of fun and tears, anger and affection and reminded us of just why she won our hearts in the summer of 2006.

From her heartwarming reunion with fellow BB7 legend Nikki, to clashing, playing or bonding with current housemates, to seeing the Hotel BB task from "both sides" (guest and staff) Aisleyne made sure that her stay would be entertaining and memorable.

We particularly enjoyed her final day task, when Big Brother set up the "Know Yourself" advice clinic (where DID they get that idea from?) where Aisleyne dispensed her unique brand of counselling to the other housemates.

And how fitting that Aisleyne was able to make a grand exit before a live eviction night crowd for her interview with Emma Willis, followed by an appearance on that night's BBBOTS.

We have always known that Aisleyne is a legend, but Big Brother himself has now made her "legendary housemate" status a matter of record.

And, of course the legend continues....

(You can relive or catch up with Aisleyne's day-by-day progress in the house in the Videos Section of this site)

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