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BB Timewarp Live Launch Show

14 June 2015

There was a special live edition of Big Brother on Sunday 14th June 2015 so viewers could watch the four housemates in 'The Bunker' enter the main House and surprise the resident housemates there. Three of 'The Bunker' occupants were returning Legendary Housemates, Brian Belo, Nikki Grahame and Helen Wood. Aisleyne was invited to the studios to talk in support of Nikki Grahame, one of Aisleyne's fellow housemates during BB7.

Aisleyne's interview with Emma Willis came towards the end of the programme but was well worth the wait. While speaking in support of Nikki Grahame, the interview broadened to include Helen Wood and it was Aisleyne's comments about her that were the most talked about moment of the show.

Emma Willis worked hard to hide her amusement and the supportive reaction of the studio audience was just a foretaste of the viewers' response. Within a few minutes Aisleyne was trending on Twitter and gained several thousand additional followers over the next hour or so.

If you missed the programme and want to know why Aisleyne set social media alight, you can watch the interview in the Videos Section.

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