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Birthday Party (and Preparations!)

28 December 2017

"39 is the new 29, ladies" said Aisleyne of her 39th birthday on December 28th.

So naturally that meant it was party-time, and the birthday girl duly joined some close girlfriends for a night out at STK London. Her white zip-fronted mini-dress drew plenty of favourable media comment. The Daily Mail Fashion Finder helpfully identified the source as MissGuided.

However, what REALLY hit the headlines wasn't so much the party pics as the photos of Aisleyne's PREPARATIONS for the party.

The stir was created by a combination of some nifty photographic work and the rather skimpy black lace bodysuit Aisleyne was wearing as she had her hair and make-up done.

In fact, Aisleyne revealed on Instagram that one particularly saucy pose which (said The Sun) "showed off her peachy bum in one cheeky shot", caused her Nan a little concern, but Ash had reassured her "It's OK, Nan, it's ART."

We're wondering what Aisleyne might be planning for December 2018 when it's her Big Four Oh celebration...

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