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Farewell Bianca

26 July 2012

Over the last few years, Bianca Gascoigne has become one of Aisleyne's closest pals, as we have seen from many pictures of them together and of course their recent Bootcamp exploits.

So when Bianca threw a farewell party on 26th July at Sway, Covent Garden to mark her departure to Australia for "an extended stay" it was a cast-iron certainty that Aisleyne would be there to give her a memorable send-off.

Their mutual friend Imogen Thomas was also in attendance, and with THAT trio in one place at the same time, tabloid attention was guaranteed.

The Daily Mail took an extensive interest in proceedings with lots of pictures and a detailed account of events, even including tweets between them.

The Daily Mirror's 3am girls weren't entirely complimentary about the evening's proceedings, though they admitted that they "quite like" Aisleyne, adding "Ooh, is it just us or do you really like Aisleyne's printed trousers?" Well, yes we do actually, especially setting off that slinky black vest-top.

According to the Mail "Aisleyne made sure her friend Bianca had a night to remember before leaving for Australia" adding that they "popped champagne as they partied the night away and the pair shared an embrace as Horgan-Wallace bid her pal farewell".

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