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Prestige Boot Camp

04 May 2012

On 27th April city girl Aisleyne set off into the country and out of her comfort zone when she spent a week at Prestige Boot Camp down in beautiful Devon.

Together with fellow party animal Bianca Gascoigne, Aisleyne was determined to get herself fit and in shape with a tough regime of exercises led by the camp's no-nonsense staff (most of whom are ex-military physical training instructors!)

First morning (a very wet and windy one), the girls started off with circuits, boxing and team exercises in the fields around the hotel. The whole afternoon was spent on a long brisk walk in the Devon countryside.

The next day involved further strenuous activities in separate groups, with Aisleyne tweeted of Bianca "the girl literally had STEAM coming off her body! GO IN HARD!"

May Day found the girls on a 16 mile hike along Devon's Jurassic Coast in some wild Westcountry weather. Aisleyne tweeted that they had had to clamber over some trees which had fallen in their path. She also made friends with some Devon cows - in marked contrast to her Coach Trip experience with Croatian ones!

Subsequent days involved rock-climbing, running up "the hill of death" and a military-style exercise, along with circuit training and other exertions.

Now, before you start to feel TOO sorry for Aisleyne, we should point out that at the end of each day Aisleyne, Bianca and the rest did return to luxury accommodation which includes a heated swimming pool, all surrounded by 52 acres of woodland- PLUS a dedicated massage therapist on hand to ease those aching limbs.

And Aisleyne DID find time to check up about a new pair of shoes, and to worry about her nails, eyelashes and extensions! You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl!

After a "magical" last evening and a final weigh-in next morning, Aisleyne tweeted "I am SO HAPPY with the results!! Thanks for ur patience Prestige Boot Camp"

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