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Jewel St Pauls Launch Party

16 September 2011

Now, if you were launching a new bar and club venue, and you were making up a VIP guest-list to ensure the event was a success, who would you invite?

Aisleyne would be right at the top of your list, of course. Then you would want to invite a few more of her party-girl friends, like, say, Bianca Gascoigne, Su-Elise Nash, Lisa Maffia and Lauren Pope.

So who turned up at the launch of the swish new Jewel St Pauls in Wood Street in the heart of the City of London on Friday September 16th? Why, all of the above! Fun time guaranteed!

In glamorous company like that, of course, Aisleyne made sure she was dressed to impress in a blue vest top and matching hot pants, and some killer heels.

Aisleyne certainly had a good time with her pals, but went easy on the champagne, and didn't stay too late, as she had to be up early next morning.

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