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The Eagle Has Landed

09 March 2011

Aisleyne was transported to Ancient Rome on March 9th when she attended the premiere of "The Eagle", the new movie based on Rosemary Sutcliffe's classic historical novel "The Eagle of the Ninth".

She mingled on the Red Carpet with the film's stars including Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell, and other celebrities such as Gillian Anderson and David Morrissey.

Attending the premiere was actually a last minute decision for Aisleyne after a hectic day. It only ultimately happened because River Island came up trumps with less than an hour to spare, and despite the haste the result proved something of a triumph.

The classic lines of her blue dress, the hint of Roman sandal about her shoes, and a simple "Grace Kelly" look to her hairstyle and make-up combined to give a look which perfectly matched the occasion. Sky Showbiz rightly described her as looking "serene and elegant" and she even drew a grudging compliment from Mr Paparazzi!

Aisleyne didn't stay on afterwards for the after-party, and she was home (and tweeting about her new crush on Mr Tatum!) by 10:30.

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