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Anesis Fish Spa

13 January 2011

"Aisleyne lets the fish get to work on her feet" said the Daily Star caption, and "fishy" as that sounds, that's exactly what the pictures showed!

Aisleyne has of course been photographed at all kinds of offbeat events, from kissing trees to partying in a launderette, but on 13th January she was among the VIP guests at the launch of the Anesis Fish Spa in Clapham Common, which offers the latest exfoliation treatment using tiny Garra Rufa fish to eat away at dead skin on feet and hands. Also known as doctor fish, as they nibble they release an enzyme called diathanol which apparently improves the skin regeneration process.

Other celebs dipping their feet in the water included Imogen Thomas, Bianca Gascoigne, Su-Elise Nash, Anthony Costa, Tinie Tempah and Amy Childs (from "The Only Way is Essex").

For the evening Aisleyne wore black skinny look leather trousers, with a black leather Ted Baker jacket over a white 'All Saints' look white singlet vest, and Office shoes. She had her hair up and swept back in a slightly tighter style than updo for the "Burlesque" premiere.

According to the Daily Mail "Aisleyne looked a little unsure about dunking her feet in", and the evidence we've seen does suggest that she found the experience somewhat "ticklish"!

Aisleyne and many of the other guests then went on to the afterparty at nearby Aquum.

There was considerable media and press coverage of the event, much of it featuring Aisleyne, both at the spa and at the afterparty. As well as her reactions to the fish treatment, for some reason one picture seemed to prompt a number of mysterious comments about "Royston Vasey"!

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