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What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7
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Posted 24/8/2007 09:21 (#21755)
Subject: What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7

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12 months on what are your favourite clips of Aisleyne from BB7? Mine are:

1, Aisleyne's face on eviction night when Nikki was evicted. It had dawned on her that she may be popular after all despite what she had been told by Richard and Nikki.

2, Her fake eviction when she went to the house next door. The rollercoaster of emotion from being fearfull of the crowd to the elation of realising she had not been evicted but saved by the public

3, Evicting Johnathan. Probably a painful experience for Aisleyne but compelling viewing.

4, Aisleyne and Pete on spin the bottle night. I don't know what Aisleyne thinks about this now but it was a memorable night that created loads of discussion on the forums.

5, Aisleyne sticking up for Susie when Grace threw water at her. She was the only one who was prepared to speak out when all the others werepatting Grace on the back as she left.


That is a list of 5. I could list more. What are your top 5 clips/memories of Aisleyne in BB7.


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Posted 24/8/2007 10:12 (#21756 - in reply to #21755)
Subject: Re: What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7

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1. The HND twist when the actress inside Ash emerged. She began literally pinching herself to describe her state of mind! She couldn't shout or yell because of the message on the screen, so she used her acting skills to show how she was feeling.

2. The final night saw Ash in a mixture of fear and delirium. This melted away as she walked out, got a mixed reception but won the crowd over during her emotional speech.

3. Ash walking into the prison at the start of the prison task. This time she was screaming with delight! Its funny to realise she was the first person in to both these new 'houses'

4. The rap for Susie she did in the DR after she got drunk the night Susie was evicted.

5. Something people tend to forget now - the night of 'ratgate'. Aisleyne told everyone: "It's not a London rat, it's proper clean!"

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Posted 24/8/2007 11:25 (#21758 - in reply to #21755)
Subject: RE: What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7

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1 The Fake eviction (apart from hearing the booing) and her reaction to it was fantastic viewing. It was my favourite BB moment because we knew she was safe and she was convinced that she was going out to a bad reception. In contrast, Nikki fully expected a fake eviction, and was shocked when the eviction doors opened. Seeing Ash reading the welcome message, exploring the house, counting the bedrooms, greeting the new housemates (Shame how Jane turned out) and finally being told what was happening in the Diary Room was electrifying stuff. I also enjoyed seeing the housemates in the main house (with a few exceptions) pretending to be sad that she was gone. They were in for a shock.

2 Evicting Jonathon was great TV. It was great to see Nikki's face when Aisleyne's face popped up on the screen. I had expected Ash to go marching back in a blaze of glory. It was a terrible thing she had to do and not nice to see Ash so upset. I was totally flabbergasted hear how some people thought that she was acting.

3 Aisleyne sticking up for Susie after the water throwing whilst everyone else stood and watched. I reckon this will probably be one of the most memorable BB moments ever. It was good because the audience, as well as some of the housemates, knew what was coming. Aisleyne, who did not expect it, reacted to it instantly. The other unsuspecting housemates stood with their mouths open and commented on it after Grace had gone.

4 Aisleyne's argument with Lisa after Grace's eviction. Rampaging Lisa was made to look a complete idiot when Ash stood up, stood her ground and then refused to speak to her because Lisa wasn't listening.

5 "You wanna know yourself if you're talking about me little girl". Aisleyne may not have enjoyed seeing this, but I thought it was great and wanted to see more of it. I found her too nice and too tolerant of Nikki at times. I was screaming at my TV in the final week. Nikki's pathetic eviction before Aisleyne made up for it.
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Posted 24/8/2007 13:05 (#21768 - in reply to #21755)
Subject: RE: What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7

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My favourites that haven't been mentioned so far...

1. Her arrival in the BB7 house (via that big box). Glyn looked very pleased indeed!

2. The time when she went into the diary room with Lea and they did impressions of each other! Those eyebrows!

3. Her controversial role as the person who got to select the golden ticket winner. Contrary to some theories I've seen on the web, I don't think she had magnets in her hands.

4. The very bizarre task where she had to determine the purpose of the eyebrow.

5. The catwalk task, which they recycled this year. Loved her retro 1960s look.
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Posted 24/8/2007 13:43 (#21774 - in reply to #21755)
Subject: Re: What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7

1. Finals night! The jawdrops when Nikki then Richard went before her, the dawning realisation that she wasn't "hated", her touchingly flattered response when Davina called "Ash-a-leeeeen! " , and to top it all, that ever-more-confident climb up the stairs and triumphant exit through the door to meet the crowd "with attitude". Total TV magic!

2. Sorry to be so predictable and boring again, but it just has to be the HND twist. Even for non-Aisleyne fans this surely has to be one of the all-time great BB moments.

3. Don't know if a clip of this exists, but I remember Ash and Pete standing in front of the mirror camera and having what I can only describe as a "gurning duet". What made it so different from other similar sessions Pete had with other HMs was the way Aisleyne's natural empathy meant that it wasn't just a case of her mimicking Pete's Touretting, but each of them copied or responded to each other's gurns in a real "duel of the banjos" style which was utterly charming and hilarious.

4. There was also a similar-but-different session in front of the mirror-cam with Imogen, where they stood together preening themselves, discussing boob-jobs etc. As well as the simple pleasure of watching BB7's fittest two babes together in one camera shot, there was a real delight in seeing a friendship develop and grow before your very eyes. There was absolutely no competitive element between them, as they seemed totally comfortable with themselves and with each other. If BB is about interpersonal relationships, then this was a classic sequence.

5. And finally... Aisleyne's famous foot-in-the-basin-to-apply-the-makeup technique. Unforgettable.
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Posted 25/8/2007 02:07 (#21822 - in reply to #21755)
Subject: RE: What are your favourite Aisleyne clips from BB7

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1. When Grace came back into the house for 21 minutes, and Ash was magnificent in the way she confronted her about throwing water over Suzie, but backed off after that so as not to spoil her Birthday.

2. Aisleyne's conversation with Michael where they discuss why she, Lea and Nikki all felt they "discovered" Pete, and why she decided to take a step back from that.

3. When Ash tried to get as many Maltesers into her mouth as possible.

4. The 'Pope' and 'Bishop' talk with Pete where she convinced him to be open about his feelings for Nikki.

5. Standing up to Sezer on her first night in the house when he said he had got rid of the ones he didn't like, and she said "you mean you bullied them out!".

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