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Thoughts on the housemates
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Posted 12/6/2007 22:13 (#16679)
Subject: Thoughts on the housemates

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Here are my current feelings about the housemates at the moment (should anyone be interested ). I've listed them in order from most disliked to most liked:

Seany - He got stroppy with Jerry from the moment he walked in. He plays cruel practical jokes with no concern for other people's feelings (in addition to Lesley's duvet there was also an incident during the sardine task today). He deliberately kept quiet about being gay because he didn't want Ziggy and Chanelle to have their bed back. I think he's sneaky with a mean streak.

Shabnam - Sometimes I start to like her (she took the makeup thing pretty well) but she is essentially a lazy, self-obsessed, irresponsible diva who spends most of the time professing how she and Charlie are the only worthwhile people in the house. She wants to leave because she reckons she's already got enough exposure to get the fame she wants outside. She's the only one this year who has made me want to throw things at the screen when she speaks

Charley - Started off disliking her, then I grew to like her a bit when she made an effort to ask people what she could do to improve herself. At the end of the day she's still extremely arrogant. She thinks she's better than the others and has started to get very bitchy.

Laura - She started out as my favourite from her VT and stayed that way for a while but I've gone off her big time recently. She's very judgemental over Ziggy and she seems to be a bit of a stirrer.

Carole - I wasn't too keen on her professed background as a protester but have quite liked her for the most part. She can be a bit of a character but I'm not impressed by the way she keeps running away from meetings

Nikki - I started off disliking Nikki because of the man-hating thing then started to like her. I think she lets her prejudiice show too much in her feelings towards Ziggy which I'm not a fan of but she could grow on me again. Aisleyne likes her so I'll keep an open mind.

Tracey - I really like Tracey. She's down to earth with no airs and graces about her. Tells it like it is. She can be a bit grouchy at times but, on the whole, I think she's great.

The twins - A lot of people are down on the twins because they seem to be so immature but I think there are a lot worse things to be. They are always cheerful and positive. They're respectful of others, they're not foul-mouthed or bitchy or judgemental. I think they're lovely girls.

Jerry - A really nice guy. Thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive, good sense of humour. Cares for people.

Chanelle - I think Chanelle is a really sweet girl. She can be really funny, she rarely moans or bitches but she can stick up for herself in an argument. She's kind and respectful to the older people in the house, she doesn't have a huge ego and I think she genuinely likes Ziggy (although probably not as much as he likes her!)

Ziggy - I think he's a terrific guy. He's polite and respectful, full of charm and humour. He's very fair-minded and always willing to put himself out for others (like giving up his bed for the new housemates to give them time to get used to things in a bed of their own). He's managed to survive a situation that would drive most men to distraction and he goes out of his way to mix with everyone and not exclude them despite his feelings for Chanelle. He's stood up for Chanelle but he's had sense enough to walk away from arguments when they're not warranted. He's the first man I've wanted to win BB since Cameron


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Posted 14/6/2007 20:54 (#16880 - in reply to #16679)
Subject: Re: Thoughts on the housemates

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Gerry - This chap has a lot of charisma. I liked him the minute he arrived. He's warm-hearted, opinionated, full of life and a good judge of character. My only worry is his over-sensitivity regarding nominations. Still my tip to win.

Tracey - Showed so much promise in her VT but has drifted into the background. When she does talk it's usually a standard response of either "deal with it" or "have it" - which is becoming increasingly irritating. I think she needs a few down-to-earth lads in there to spark off of and banter with. She's just not gelling with these girly-girls.

The Twins - Like them one day and cannot stand them the next! They harp on about being the only upbeat and stress-free housemates but they forget the others don't have the advantage of having a family member in the house to draw comfort and support from. I just pray their "ditty" isn't released as a single.

Carole - Can't help thinking that the Carole I'm watching is the one I expected to see 10 weeks into the show. She seems completely drained physically and mentally, as if she's been in the house for an eternity. Let the lazy kids do some chores for a change and have some fun woman!

Chanelle – What does this girl do other than flash her ass every two minutes? She came onto Big Brother to find fame. Well she’s found it in the form of her contrived romance with fellow dullard Ziggy. It’s a case of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” I bet Heat magazine are rubbing their hands with glee.

Ziggy – Smug, self-assured and boring. Next!

Seany – I’m giving Seany a chance. I’m going to overlook duvet-gate because I think he was over-excited on his first night as all housemates are.

Charley – Is she nasty? Yes. Is she aggressive? Yes. Is she obnoxious in the extreme? Yes. But is she two-faced and duplicitous? I don’t think so. She is usually pretty upfront about her feelings towards fellow housemates and whilst I don’t condone her foul-mouthed confrontations, I do see Charley as more honest than scheming Chanelle. I think every Big Brother needs a villain – the place would be like a morgue if she left early.

Shabnam – I don’t think she’s nearly as entertaining as she thinks she is. This girl is extremely insecure. She fishes for compliments or bigs herself up, not out of arrogance, but to make herself feel better. I think labelling herself as a nutter is also a way to gain attention and make herself seem more interesting than she is.

Nicky – I think we should give the lass a break. I sincerely believe she has the group’s best interests at heart. She just needs to lighten up a bit and let her hair down. Her naturally whiney voice and moody expression isn’t helping her though lol

Laura – Whilst she’s spot on about Ziggy, there’s very little else that I like about this girl. She seems to think about nothing but food. She needs to take a leaf out of Carole’s book – get active and use this experience as an opportunity to get healthy.

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