Friday 4 September 2009
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The end is nigh

I mentioned yesterday that I hoped something nice would happen for David. Sure enough, Big Brother didn’t disappoint and gave him a birthday to remember. David was called into the Diary Room first thing and presented with a card from his idol Vivienne Westwood. He couldn’t stop crying and I even shed a tear for him too. What a fabulous thrill it must be when you receive a personal message from someone you have admired all of your life.

In the evening, David was given a birthday party but, while most of the housemates were enjoying themselves, Siavash thought it was a good time for a bit of airtime and headed off to the Diary Room for one last attempt of self pity. I don’t know if it was just a ploy for sympathy or he really meant it, but continually going into the Diary Room and saying you want to go then not following it through doesn’t make you look very genuine. Big Brother managed to convince him to sleep on it and he finally returned to the others. Unfortunately, he had been in the Diary Room for so long that the party had finished. Will he stay or go? My money is on him staying. AGAIN.

And so we have reached the end of the road and tonight sees the final showdown. Rodrigo has always been a favourite of mine and, no matter how angry he sometimes gets, it’s still impossible not to laugh. David has just been in the house to enjoy the experience and surely must have a future as an alien in a children’s programme! Sophie, already top female, has shown an ability to laugh at herself as well as others. Slavish started so well but lost his way through rule breaking and self-pity. And finally there’s Charlie - who seems to think he is funny no matter how many of his ‘jokes’ failed and upset others.

My idea of a winner would be Rodrigo or David but enjoy the final and cheer on your favourite. Pop by to my blog spot on Monday for my views on the winner and my high and low points of this year’s 10th Big Brother.

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