Friday 28 August 2009
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Subject: Friday 28 August 2009

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It’s space, BB, but not as we know it

Yesterday Marcus seemed to be in an even worse mood than usual. He was saying that the rest of the housemates were boring, the house was boring, Big Brother was boring, the others cared about the money, but not him. And of course, there was the odd rude word thrown in for good measure.

The way he continued to swear at the camera for watching him felt rather contrived to me. I think he believes the viewers are keeping him in because he is trying to be rebellious, but if he keeps doing it, I think people will quickly become bored of it.

After Charlie's face of misery the day before, we had Charlie moaning about a group task yesterday. They all had to power a light by cycling two at a time, but while most of them just got on with it, Charlie started moaning away within the first minute of his turn.

Thankfully, in the end, all the tasks were passed and they’ve won themselves a luxury budget for the last week.

The housemates were told that Marcus and Siavash were up for eviction but weren't told about the surprise eviction that will take place on Tuesday night.

So the others might be feeling good about making the final now, but they might be shocked a little sooner than they expect - naughty Big Brother!

It reminds me so much of my year and our last week. Whenever any of us were called into the diary room we said our goodbyes just in case. It was said in jest, but I certainly felt I was going every time I went in.

So tonight is eviction night. Either Marcus or Siavash will be booted out, and although I think it’s a close one, my money is on Marcus to go.

By the way, as none of the housemates claim to care about the prize money, I'll gladly take it off Big Brother's hands!

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