Friday 21 August 2009
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Mummy Dearest

Well yesterday’s goings-on were interesting. As part of the House of Horrors task, David was called into the task room where he met four ‘mummies’ all wrapped up in bandages. After each of them gave a little introduction, David was then told to identify the ‘mummy’ who was Marcus’ real mum. He chose number two, but number four was the correct answer. To be fair, Marcus’ mum seemed a lovely gentle sweet lady, so it’s understandable why David wouldn’t connect her with Marcus. Still, even though that was a fail, the group still passed the task overall.

Later on, Bea and David were sat by the bus stop when they heard someone from the outside shout something. Bea thought it was: ‘Get David kicked out.’ However, David claimed he didn’t hear the name.  He then tried to claim he wasn’t upset but the more he tried, the more he looked as though he was. Most of his anger was directed towards Bea who, for once, didn’t seem to be at fault. David still seems to be hurting from what he believes was Bea’s disloyalty in nominating him. He is such a sweetie and I’m glad he has Lisa. It was sweet to see them by the bus stop together saying how much they valued each other’s friendship. 

Like Wednesday’s show, last night ended with the mad hysterics of Rodrigo and Sophie. Once they start laughing, it’s hard not to join in. And with all the arguments, it's always nice to see housemates having fun.

So who goes tonight? It seems most likely it will be Bea and, whilst she deserves to go, I hope the crowd won’t be too bad. Indeed, she was a self-absorbed drama queen with no loyalty to anyone and certainly needs to learn and grow from this, but that’s all. Every show needs a villain - even if it’s a pantomime one.

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