Thursday 13 August 2009
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Subject: Thursday 13 August 2009

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Rule Britannia

Bea was up to her old tricks again yesterday, that girl just can't help herself!

She started the day by telling Marcus she was going to be a different Bea, all positive and happy, but then she went straight to the bus stop and b*tched to Lisa for five minutes straight! Bea then spent the whole day analysing Halfwit, worrying about how she looked to the public, and generally being negative.

Good grief woman, give yourself, and us, a break! She is so spoilt, I couldn't believe she had a go at Marcus when he did a task she'd wanted to do, even though he'd won the choice fair and square. That woman has some issues.

This week, housemates are learning all things British. Rodrigo had to learn etiquette, and he's starting to wonder if it means he's going to meet the Queen. I've heard a rumour that Big Brother is going to send in a Queen impersonator... They must have got the idea from my blog! I'm not so sure Rodrigo will appreciate the joke, though.

Poor Marcus, if he does go on Friday, his memories of his last week will be pretty fishy. He and Siavash have to swim through a pool of fish guts for their part in this week's shopping task. YUK!

Halfwit had to hold a note on bagpipes for 30 seconds, which he did to win £80 for the shopping budget. Everyone congratulated him, even Bea, but the look on her face after she hugged him could have turned milk sour.

When Big Brother announced the nominations, Halfwit seemed really shocked, but I think it was obvious... He and Marcus were easy pickings this week. Marcus really wants to leave, while Halfwit wants to stay, but who will go?

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