Monday 18th August 2008
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Subject: Monday 18th August 2008

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Sob! No more Stu, no more eye candy

Stu has gone, and I am so sad. No more eye candy left in the house - sad times. I don’t know what came over Stu when he did that nose-dive into the crowd, though! What a plonker! I reckon he’s happy to be out and reunited with his daughter.

That said, I am happy Rachel is still there as she really deserves it. She hasn’t had the easiest time in the house but, that aside, I am even more pleased that she stayed just to prove Rex wrong! HA!

The statue task looked so difficult, and what a bore to do! I must say, I was surprised Lisa didn’t win as I thought she would have been the best. So now we are stuck with Rex for another week! I know it will be good TV, though, as he is bound to flex his control-freak muscles!
The game the housemates played where they had to say three things that they love about themselves was really hard. Although, surprise, surprise, Rex had no problems listing his three! His arrogance is shocking, and funny at the same time. It’s no wonder Nicole looks so fed up all the time. And how many times has she said it’s over between them now?
I couldn’t believe it when Rex was choosing Nicole’s clothes for the day, even down to her underwear! He treats her like she is a child and a trophy, it’s mental. I think BB is showing cracks in Rexole’s relationship, but the question is whether she’ll walk away, and I don’t just mean from the house…

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