Mach test (ANSWERED)
Posted 29/11/2007 00:35 (#25964)
Subject: Mach test (ANSWERED)

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Another question that I always forget to ask about BB. When they tried to influence housemate's nominations (in my opinion that was what they were trying to do, and they had already mentioned it loads of times of the sister shows, just to get the crowd against you) by showing you to supposedly be the most Machevillian, you ended up going somewhere around halfway in the list on the boxes. Yet anyone looking at you would have sensed you were quite worried about it, as if you knew that you would be higher up the list, if not first. So the question is simple, did you think that? And if not, can you remember why you looked so nervous at the time?
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Posted 28/2/2008 17:14 (#27824 - in reply to #25964)
Subject: Re: Mach test

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good question hun,

I certainly didnt think I belonged at the top to be honest, I prob looked nervous because I hate the idea of judging myself higher or better than anyone else, its just not right, also whenever we did things that tested how good or bad we was I think we all worried incase it was us!!!!

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