Some things ...just stink..
Posted 26/1/2007 17:17 (#1109)
Subject: Some things ...just stink..


Indian newspapers reported today that Shilpa’s mother, Sunanda Shetty, currently in London, had sacked the star’s UK agent, Jasvir ‘Jazz’ Barton due to ‘money grabbing tendencies.’

Sunanda had arrived in the UK mainly to ‘milk’ Shilpa’s sudden celebrity and commercial viability, even as she unaccountably reneged on a “six-figure interview deal signed for Shilpa with a British tabloid because she probably thinks she can get more money,” The Times of India quoted Barton as saying.

Barton told the daily, that Sunanda had sacked her because ‘she wants to milk the controversy for money.’

Barton also claimed that she had found Shilpa a role in the current series of CBB from a host of Bollywood actors, ‘some of whom were bigger stars.’

Even as an increasingly large group of people try to attach themselves to Shilpa’s unexpected fame, Shashilal K Nair, a Bollywood director with close to ten films to his credit, wants to cast Shilpa and Jade together in a movie.

“I have the script ready and I’m meeting Shilpa’s mother and Jade’s agent soon,” a tabloid quoted the director as saying.

Nair is impressed with the way Jade has handled her interviews and thinks that “she has potential."

So was Jade just ACTING in the house...think about it...was it all a set up ? Will Endermol get us all confined to a mental hospital because we are so confused with their games?   OR is it just coincidence that somebody out there thinks Jade can act and should go into a movie with Shilpa...

We ARE TALKING ABOUT Jade Goody here..


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