Wednesday 29th August
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Subject: Wednesday 29th August

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Oh no! Jonty gets jiggy

Big Bro is so evil but you must admit last night’s task was brilliant. It looked like so much fun I might try it myself at home. Ha! Maybe minus the kebab bit...

I loved watching Jonty dance. It’s the funniest sight ever! Then just when the housemates were thinking they were happy and settled and then, bam! BB comes in with a KO shot! I know that feeling oh so well, remember? The difference was I had to do it by myself, and the nomination was for real...

I am glad Amanda picked up on Carole’s comment about Sam being the first born. I thought that was terrible, it was like she was saying Amanda was a reject or something. It was so good to see her stick up for herself. Good on ya girlie. She was so cute because she was explaining it back to Carole in a way that wouldn’t make her feel bad, when really she could have made her feel terrible, because she was. I think it’s obvious that Carole has always preferred Sam to Amanda but how childish to make Amanda feel it!

D-day is round the corner now, I really want the twins to win, I am decided now. Sorry Bri, but I really think they deserve it.

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i agree with what ypou say about carol what she said to amanda!! it wasnt a nice thing to say at all..i would have been well annoyed but manda responded well
agree with you again ash 2day your always spot on xxxx
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