Friday 24th August
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Subject: Friday 24th August

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Kara-Louise to go, but who else?

Carole said she didn’t get involved in the shopping list this week! It didn’t look like that to me. She made a good point when she said that her housemates have allowed her to be the mother of the house so if they don’t like her ways then they are to blame as much as she is.

Poor old Brian can’t take a hint. It's so obvious that Amanda doesn’t fancy him but he just refuses to read the signs. It's cringeworthy to watch. Poor Amanda tries to let him down gently each time they have their little chats, but he just hears what he wants to and not what is actually being said. Time to spell it out for him, Amanda.

I felt for Sam today too when Carole said that her and Liam will look like they are flirting to the public. Poor Sam was in tears. It was hard to watch because she is usually so happy and bubbly. I think it’s obvious Liam and Sam are strictly friends and nothing more. When you’re in the house everything is magnified and Carole may think she’s got a valid point but she can’t be certain that’s what the outside world are thinking.

I am increasingly leaning towards the idea of the twins winning. They’ve remained the same the whole way through the show, never offensive and always making others feel happy. And the fact they are girls and girls never (or hardly ever) win Big Brother....

I wonder who will leave tonight? I think it will definitely be Kara-Louise but I can’t be sure who will be joining her

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