Thursday 23rd August
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Subject: Thursday 23rd August

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Calm it down, Carole!

I am so loving Liam – he got all manly with Carole over how many vegetables they put on the shopping list. Can you believe she was humble, she didn’t shout, didn’t argue and didn’t cry! GO ON alpha male Liam, good on ya, son!

Ziggy then tried to do the same at the table for dinner at the end of the night. Yeah, not quite as effective as Liam there Zig, but at least he tried! It’s obvious the boy’s feelings have changed towards Carole and they no longer see her as a mother figure but just as controlling and moany and perhaps even as a threat. Thank goodness for Carole that there are no more nominations happening or we all know who would be up for eviction!

Tracey didn't take the news of being up for eviction at all well this week. I know how she feels betrayed. Some of her original housemates have put her up for nomination and that’s a terrible thing to live with, especially when there are the two new housemates there for easy pickings.

She does annoy me, but I do feel sorry for her because underneath that tough exterior, she’s really sensitive and I can relate to that, big time.

I was surprised at Jonty's reaction when he cried in the diary room. I thought he was above it all and didn’t get affected by all the goings-on in the house. Guess he is another one who is more sensitive than he seems.

OK, so I’m torn. I know I want Kara-Louise to go, but Jonty makes me laugh and Tracey, well she has been there from the off so I feel she deserves to stay for the last week.

But on the other hand it’s an entertainment show and on that basis I would have to say Jonty is more sitting on the fence I’m going to leave the final decision to you lot…

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