Wednesday 22nd August
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Subject: Wednesday 22nd August

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BB's head start on class

How funny was it to see the housemates discussing the rights and wrongs of the class system, getting themselves all hot and bothered and very passionate, all with books balancing on their heads! Maybe they should do the same in the House of Commons.

I can’t believe Carole nominated Tracey after she saved her on Friday. Even more shocking was when she nominated her golden boy Ziggy. He was gobsmacked.

I think Ziggy chose best this week, Kara-Louise and Tracey. And I think he knows that Carole nominated him - he is a smart boy that Ziggy!!!

I loved it when Kara-Louise called Ziggy ‘goldielocks’, he was getting so annoyed but couldn’t do anything about it. I think Miss Kara has a little crush on Mr Ziggy!

I can’t believe she plucks her armpit hair, that’s disgusting, and not a good way to get a man’s attention love! Oh well, she might change her mind about Ziggy when she finds out he nominated her.

So Kara-Louise, Jonty and Tracey are up for the double eviction this week. I say Tracey and Kara. I’m actually finding Jonty quite amusing lately so I’d like to see him stay.

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lol that blog made me laugh, u said exactly what i think just about everyone is thinkin, lol kara an that hair pluckin = CRIMINAL MOVEMENTS! ....Kara n Taracy to go! peace
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