Monday 20th August
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Subject: Monday 20th August

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Generous Gerry

How selfless of Gerry to offer himself for eviction instead of Carole. I was disappointed that he made things so easy for the Gurus but, to be honest, I think they would have made the same choice anyway. Let's hope Carole will now be a bit happier and do a lot less moaning.

Poor, poor Brian, he took the rejection from Amanda well (sort of). I knew it was coming and I'm really sad for him but I admire Amanda for being honest - it must have been really difficult for her.  I was pleased to see Brian joke about it all with Liam and I hope it doesn't ruin his last few days in the house. I hope he can dust himself down, put it behind him and be happy. I'm sure there will be a queue of girls waiting to meet him on the outside so let's hope he can forget about girls till then.

Guys, am I mistaken or is Liam a bit flirty with Amanda since the 'split'? I have always thought that she fancied Liam but it seems he may feel the same if my deductions are correct.

I still have it in for Tracey, can't anyone see how sly she is? She takes someone’s side in an argument then when they leave the room she supports the rival, urrrrgghh! She gets on my nerves!

I'm so glad the housemates won the pizza, they've been on rations all week and have a non-luxury budget this week, so it would have been like a Godsend, trust me, I know! But I can't believe Ziggy and Carole kicked off over the bread situation -  I don’t think there have ever been so many arguments about food in BB history!  It's obviously a house of big appetites.

I am growing fonder of Ziggy as time goes on. He's a decent guy who is in my top three to win: Brian, Ziggy and although I feel Carole needs the money I do feel she is becoming unworthy of winning, what with all the arguments, so the twins for me have taken her place.

See you tomorrow,

Aisleyne xx

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