Thursday 16th August
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Carole and Gerry’s food fight

Carole is still on the warpath with Gerry and the food situation, I think that the rationing is really getting to her. At the same time I agree with everything that she said to Gerry and the other housemates about their ways.

Carole hiding the food really reminded me of when Suzie did it to us last year. We knew she was doing it for our benefit but at the same time we wanted to make our own decisions about what and when we ate.

Tracey is such a back-stabbing cow! She sat there slagging off the other housemates with Carole, then went straight to Liam and told him that Carole was moaning about him behind his back! Bloody snake!

I knew the house would turn against Carole, it’s a dangerous game, playing Mum in the Big Bro house. Everyone loves you just as much as they hate you! Poor Carole. I can’t believe Liam had a go at her, errrr, excuse me, mate, but you are £100,000 up because of Carole, she can say what she wants.

I loved the lie detector test, although I do feel that Gerry got the short stick and that BB had a tough set of questions for him that they know would cause conflict! And guess what, that’s just what happened. You know what though, guys, as annoying as he can be, I do love watching him argue!

Oh my God, Liam is supposedly jealous of Brian and Amanda’s relationship, but I smell a rat. I have never laughed as much as when Brian and Liam went into the diary room to talk about Liam being jealous of Brian and Amanda.

Tracey flew off the handle when Gerry fibbed about his age, like she says of so many others: deal with it, Tracey. I can’t believe that she threw Chanelle’s back door exit in Ziggy’s face, that was uncalled for.

Then I felt so sorry for the housemates when they had to choose between Tracey and Brian for eviction. It reminded me of when I had to do it in the house next door, it’s so tough! Poor Brian, I know he won’t go, but it’s still not nice to be up!

I love the twist that the gurus have to choose which housemate will have to go out of the two who get the most votes to leave. I think it will be Kara and Jonty this week, God only knows who the gurus will choose, I can’t wait till tomorrow.

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