Wednesday 15th August
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Subject: Wednesday 15th August

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Carole's a sight for sore eyes

Gerry had the mother of all drama-queen fits because he wants to be accepted. I actually felt quite sorry for him in the end I know he is a bit of a know-all and thinks he is the next Freud but he has got a sensitive side that just wants to be loved, ahhhh! I say that loosely because I’m sure he will do something new to annoy me very soon.

Brian had a ‘deep and meaningful’ in the diary room and said he just can’t understand why his fellow housemates have not nominated him yet. Why do they like him and so on. Ahhh! See what I mean guys, he’s just so sweet and honest, let’s make him win, pleeeeeease!

Isn’t it funny that since the task started this week ALL the housemates seem to be having deep and meaningful conversations, Liam and Ziggy in the garden, even the twins, oh no, let me retract that because they had an argument about toast! But you see my point everyone is acting differently. Interesting.

And what about poor old Carole doing that assault course, it was an assault to watch it! What was BB thinking, she's a pensioner, guys! And Poor Kara, that looked like a nasty twist on her ankle, but what a trooper. Brian flipped on Gerry being a complete wally 'cleaning Kara's aura' while she was sitting there bewildered and in pain.

The housemates have decided to brave the wrath of Carole and ask to have more say in what is on the shopping list... good luck guys!

Amanda and Sam are saved from eviction as they are now gurus, they improved their performance on the obstacle course by 46 per cent, well done, girls.

Gerry, Jonty and Kara got in trouble for writing silly messages with their make-up, Carole flipped out at Gerry and tried to tell him what to do. Then she flipped out at Big Brother, and burst into tears, I felt so sorry for her, the pressure is obviously getting to her, why didn’t someone just give her a hug. I feel sorry for the housemates when they ask her to do the shopping list!

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