Tuesday 14th August
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Subject: Tuesday 14th August

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Mind, body and soul

What a brilliant task this week! I loved Brian’s wind up to the group - pretending he had the highest IQ! He is so funny, I can’t say it enough guys - Brian to win!

Well, the bitching between the boys contines! The whole Ziggy and Gerry saga is amusing, but wearing a bit thin. Please! Given that they’re supposed to be intelligent (in the IQ task) why can’t they realise it’s obvious they don’t get on so just 'deal with it'...

Overall the house mates IQ is pretty low, but they managed to improve it by 20 per cent which was impressive, even more so was Ziggy's improvment of IQ by 200 per cent! That seems a bit fishy to me? Is BB pulling a fast one or what? Who can improve by 200 per cent? Ziggy’s right, it’s great that he’s safe from eviction - but it could also segregate him too. Only time will tell.

The housemates all seem more mindful and are having a lot more deep conversations which I love, it’s so interesting. Liam and Brian had a heart to heart in the garden. Liam is such a sweetie looking out for Brian all the time. Bless!

So all the housemates are up this week, my money is on Kara-louise to leave. What do you think?

Until tomorrow guys, x

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