Friday 10th August
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Subject: Friday 10th August

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Good vibes are a sliding out the window...

BB has stolen the good vibes from the house! Everyone is talking about nominations so the truth has come out and you know what they say: the truth hurts.

And it's caused all kinds of ill feeling. Gerry is still upset about Ziggy nominating him. I do understand to a certain extent as feels awful when you think someone who is your mate nominates you -  but Gerry described Ziggy as his best friend. Come on Gerry, when were you and Ziggy ever best friends?

Meanwhile Amy is still pulling out all the stops trying to get a sex story line going between her and Liam. BORING LUV - that ain't gonna save you!

The cheese task was hilarious. Who were those random phantoms dancing in the garden?
BB forced them to eat tons of cheese then accurately 'dream' what was going on outside, where random phantoms were dancing in the garden. How on earth were the housemates supposed to pass that one? But they did and I was gobsmacked. Well done, guys.

Poor old Brian is feeling the pressure. He keeps comparing himself to Liam and Ziggy and is being so hard on himself. Poor thing. I wish I could call him on the fish phone and give him a pep talk.

I've still got it in for Amy. Get rid I say, although Kara-Louise is sooo boring......I LOVE Fridays, bring it on!

See you on Monday, Ash xx

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