Thursday 9th August
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Subject: Thursday 9th August

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And I thought you liked me…

I can’t believe BB showed the new housemates the nominations – brilliant. It was so awkward seeing as they all nominated each other. Surely they should have had a bit of loyalty to each other? STRESS!

Kara-Louise stayed true to form and sobbed uncontrollably! I know she doesn’t watch BB much but she must have realised that people have to nominate and that she might be nominated at some point....

Seeing the nominations caused chaos in the house, Ziggy admitted to Gerry that he nominated him and Gerry got all sanctimonius about it as he always does!

It’s so sweet to watch Brian gushing over Amanda. He is smitten and I’m starting to think that Amanda actually likes him more than I originally thought, which is brilliant. We all love a romance, especially when it grows over time and is not instant as they usually don’t last - see Ziggy and Chanelle and Liam and Amy.

Urrrrgghhh! I can’t believe the rabbit-gutting task. I would have failed miserably, it was so disgusting and the twins were hilarious, screaming at every crunch!

Amy or Kara-Louise to go please....

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another great blog aisleyne..i love reading them..your right!!
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