Tuesday, 7th August
Posted 8/8/2007 14:22 (#20748)
Subject: Tuesday, 7th August

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Day 70: Let’s do the Timewarp again

I couldn’t believe it last night when Kara-Louise took the stuffing out of the chicken and left it aside for the veggie housemate, Jonty. What was she thinking!?

She was trying to be helpful bless her but it could’ve made someone really ill… and to make it worse Carole spent the whole night moaning that she hadn’t been able to cook dinner. Honestly, get over it girl!

The task was really funny to watch. The housemates trying to do that crazy Victorian dance had me chuckling to myself - and Carole doing the apple task was hilarious. I thought she’d passed out in the mud!

Aw, I think it’s nice that the twins put themselves as one housemate, they don’t seem to mind being up for eviction as long as it’s with each other. I reckon there’s going to be another twist on Friday though.

My bet is that some other housemates will be up for eviction too, my money is on Gerry or maybe Carole. I hope the twins stay in ‘cos their ditzy comments are entertaining and Amanda’s romance with Brian seems to be blossoming! They make an odd couple but I think they are genuine about each other. Unlike Ziggy and Chanelle! We'll just have to wait and see if it develops...


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