Shanessa and David evicted
Posted 3/8/2007 21:36 (#20471)
Subject: Shanessa and David evicted

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Shanessa got 38% of the vote and David 37% of the vote.  The first time the bookies have got it wrong since Science v Orlaith. They had David as a strong favourite.
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Subject: RE: Shanessa and David evicted

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I'm very happy with that result. I was voting for those two

I really like Kara-Louise. I don't think she's as boring as people are saying. She was really funny during her food task the other day. We didn't get to see her on the live streaming but we heard it and the housemates' reaction to it. There was much more stuff than they showed on the highlights. She was really playing up the orgasmic eating bit and was making loads of jokes. The other housemates were loving it.

At one point the twins shouted out their 'Introduce yourself' song and she immediately made up a rhyme on the spot about all the food she was being made to eat. I don't remember what she said but it was pretty good for an instant comeback

I think she's going to be good value...

I was surprised at all the cheers Tracey got. I could have sworn she was unpopular


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Posted 4/8/2007 00:04 (#20479 - in reply to #20471)
Subject: RE: Shanessa and David evicted

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Yeah, I was surprised at the cheers for Tracey. I thought she was a gonner?
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Subject: Re: Shanessa and David evicted

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I was happy that Kara-Louise stayed. I agree Julian that she's been labelled "dull" far too quickly. People haven't given her a chance. She's done a hell of a lot more in her first few days in the house than Liam did when he arrived and yet he was automatically so popular! She seems like a genuinely nice lass. She isn't shallow or obsessed with baring all for the cameras (like Amy).

I was disappointed that David left though :( He was unfairly dubbed as "sneaky and arrogant" by Ziggy and Liam. And we all know that Liam's opinion carries so much weight with the public. David seemed to fit in rather well and that's what annoyed the boys so much. He had guts, he had intelligence and he had an air of mystery around him. I shall miss him. Tracey should have gone instead. I'm now fed up of her outdated catchphrases and grumpy face.

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