Career?? (ANSWERED)
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Posted 14/6/2007 19:44 (#16849)
Subject: Career?? (ANSWERED)

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Hello Aisleyne, hope you are well, I am new to the forum

Just wanted to kno, wat did u wanna do as a career before u went into the house, I was kinda thinkin dat u would be good workin wid kids an that as u are real and u wouldnt be patronising to them....and i think they would relate to you????

anyways enuf of my nosyness lol

oh yeh one more, do you have a middle name?

thats it now really!!!

laterz chickaboo!!


PS: loved u in the BB house!
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Posted 3/7/2007 18:05 (#18334 - in reply to #16849)
Subject: Re: Career??

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Great name
Welcome to OA sugar, glad to have you on board baby....

I used to be a model and promotions girl before the house, but had also worked with disabled kids and really wanted to do somthing more along those lines but it didnt pay the bills

Middle name.....Erm I dont think I have one on my Birth Certificate but my Mum used to call me Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Ellouisa Creaharnett-Ann, try saying that when your drunk, lol....

Loves to ya hun
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