Thursday 7th June
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Day 9: Emily's out!

Emily, you're a silly girl!

Big Bruv has kicked Emily out for using a racially offensive word. She's seriously been made an example of and the rest of the contestants had better watch themselves. Like the housemates, I'm in a state of shock.

While I doubt she meant to offend Charley, as she was joking and dancing around with the girls in the living room, being heard to say: Are you pushing it out you n****r?' is bound to have consequences. [See extracts of the conversation at the bottom of this page]

Emily isn't the most intelligent is she? I mean, she thought she'd discovered new indie music after all. But that girl needs to show some respect.  It seems to me that her desperate attempts to look cool and fit in have backfired badly.

The term she blurted out may be used quite loosely in some rap tunes she's heard and I know it was only meant in a jokey way, but racially it's a loaded gun. She should have realised that this year's BB is having zero tolerance to this kind of thing. For the older generation this term holds far more meaning than this silly girl will ever understand.
I'd never feel comfortable using that word.

It'll have consequences for the remaining housemates too, now. They'll all be watching themselves much more closely. It's tricky because they need to be able to relax to show their true personalities. But being in the house is a learning process after all and only the strongest characters survive.

Tip one: Don't break the rules!

Still, it's lots of drama I love it!

Until tomorrow, Aisleyne x

Here's a transcript of what was said last night:

Emily: (referring to Charley dancing/pushing her hips forward) You pushing it out you n****r.
Nicky: (shocked laughter) Em, I can't believe you said that.
Charley: You are in trouble.
Emily: Don't make a big thing out of it then. I was joking.
Charley: I know you were... but that's some serious sh**, sorry.
Emily: Why?
Charley: Oh my god. I'm not even saying it.
Nicky: Just don't talk about it anymore.
Emily: I was joking
Charley: Do you know how many viewers would watch that?
Nicky: Okay, don't make a big deal out of it.
Charley: Fancy you saying that. I can't believe you said that.
Emily: Somebody has already used that word in this house.
Charley: No way. (Pause) Yeah, me. I'm a n****r.

Nicky laughs.

Charley: I am one. Fancy you saying it. I know maybe you see it in a rap song. Maybe you and your friends sit there saying it.
Emily: I'm friendly with plenty of black people.
Nicky: And you call them n****rs?
Emily: Yeah and they call me n****rs. They call me wiggers as well.
Nicky: I'm quite shocked.
Charley: I'm f**king in shock.
Emily: It's not a big deal though is it?
Charley: Not for us it ain't. F***k me.


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