UNBELIEVABLE..but surely..Nonsense?
Posted 21/1/2007 19:11 (#642)
Subject: UNBELIEVABLE..but surely..Nonsense?

the Guardian Newspaper have apparently printed the following..
You will see that the JOHN NOEL MANAGEMENT have supplied this story.. They are going WILD on DS about it as of course nobody has observed anything pertaining to good MUSLIM behaviour from Jackiey..they are saying it is another damage limitation story...Jackiey MUST be desperate to save Jade and actually does,nt this just tell you how SERIOUS matters are... I cant believe this story myself to be honest...and in fact I really dont think I do believe it.

Goody's mother Jackiey Budden, who called Shetty "the Indian" and refused to pronounce her name properly, is a practising Muslim who performed prayers while in the house. The prayers appear to have been cut from footage shown in the nightly TV updates.

Budden, who asked Shetty: "Do you live in a house or a shack ?" has observed Ramadan, the month of fasting, for nine years, according to Goody's agent and publicist John Noel Management.
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Posted 21/1/2007 19:46 (#649 - in reply to #642)
Subject: RE: UNBELIEVABLE..but surely..Nonsense?

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I think the concensus is that the name Jackiey somehow got mixed up with Jermaine, and nobody noticed.
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