Embarrassing I think.
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Subject: Embarrassing I think.

21 January 2007
Race row star's scent is made in.. INDIA! Staff earn 14p an hour

JADE Goody is today exposed as a hypocrite who uses 14p-an-hour workers in India to make her perfume - while she earned £744 an hour hurling racial abuse at housemate Shilpa Shetty.

Jade 25 - evicted from Celebrity Big Brother after subjecting Bollywood beauty Shilpa to a string of insults - has pocketed more than £1 million from sales of her Shh... scent.

But it would take the workers who produce the perfume in India nearly FOUR WEEKS o earn enough to buy a single £20 bottle.

Last night Shilpa's sister Shamita, the first member of the Shetty family to criticise Jade, said: "Her perfume is made in India - she is a hypocrite."

One worker at the Pragati Glassworks in poverty-stricken Kharach, who asked not to be named to protect his job said: 'We were proud to be making a perfume for Jade back in Britain.

"But she is a racist and attacked our Shilpa who is like a princess to us. Jade is making money out of hundreds of Indians working for her."


This is NOT good.
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Subject: RE: Embarrassing I think.

Jade is appearing on BBLB TODAY 21st January apparently with Scott Mills and Andi Peters. Those that have already seen the show said that Andi Peters was spot on with his views. I got this off DS.
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Subject: RE: Embarrassing I think.

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He was very forthright and Jade, although not in the camera shot, wasn't too far away and probably heard him.

As to the India thing. Jackiey spoke to Shilpa at the begining about her and Jade going out to India to see where the perfume was made.

Jackiey loved it out there, but Jade wasn't impressed seemingly.

I should imagine the perfume will be shelved after this (or should that be de-shelved?), so I doubt if it will matter where it was made. Bloomin' coincidence though.

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