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Britain's Flashiest Families

14 October 2015

Channel 5's "Britains's Flashiest Familes" returned in October 2015 with two more programmes documenting some lavish lifestyles and on the 14th October the second programme featured Aisleyne and three others.

Aisleyne's contribution was filmed over 5 days either side of her return to the Big Brother House in June/July.

Scenes shown included Aisleyne clothes shopping with her Nan and making an emotional return to the Bayham Street women's shelter in Camden that she called home in her late teens. A reflective Aisleyne compares how different her life is now to what it was when she was homeless living on the street.

Unsuprisingly, Aisleyne's two dogs, Charlie and Coco, were also featured, and her close friend Nicola McLean makes an appearance as well.

Navigate to the Videos Section to watch a slightly shortened version of the programme.

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