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talkRadio and London Bridge

03 June 2017

On the evening of Saturday June 3rd, what began as a fun radio interview turned into a rather more traumatic experience for Aisleyne.

She was appearing on Life Coach and BB pundit, Dr Pam Spurr's talkRadio chatshow to talk about dating disasters and other relationship matters.

However, just as they were getting into their chat, news broke about the horrifying terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market, and the station switched to Breaking News mode.

Even more seriously the talkRadio studio is located in precisely that same area, and as events unfolded, Aisleyne realised with horror that she must have crossed London Bridge just moments before the first attack happened.

The studio was put into lockdown, where Aisleyne watched and heard events unfold until, around midnight, she was allowed to leave and get home.

Sometime later she tweeted "I need to THANK all police & emergency services....I was in the thick of it & saw how they were. Absolutely in awe & thankful."


On a happier note, on Saturday July 8th Aisleyne returned as a phone guest to Pam Spurr's show. Among other things, she discussed dating younger boyfriends, in response to a listener's question.

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