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Celebrity Botched Up Bodies

06 October 2016

Channel 5's popular Celebrity Botched Up Bodies programme recently returned for a second series featuring a number of stars who had experienced various problems with cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

The episode broadcast on October 6th principally featured Aisleyne and her traumatic experiences of "botched" dental work. TV cameras had followed Aisleyne for three months earlier this year as she dealt with the dental issues and the programme showed her journey.

After recounting the painful and unsightly results of previous work, we followed Aisleyne as she visited Harley Street cosmetic dentist Adam Slade in the hope he could correct the "monstrosity" in her mouth.

This involved some VERY graphic scenes in the dentist's chair! You can see (if you dare!) what was involved, and what was the outcome in the Videos section.

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