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Hooray for Hollywood!

02 July 2017

On Friday June 16th Aisleyne flew out to Los Angeles for a well-deserved 18 day holiday of Californian sun and fun, principally with a girlfriend in a rented apartment. Her trip was timed to coincide with one friend's single launch event and another's graduation from the University of California. Other highlights included a half day hike up Runyon Canyon and meeting a number of celebrities, including Amber Rose.

It wasn't entirely a work-free holiday, however, as her stay coincided with the early days of Big Brother 18, and she still had her Sun columns to write.

Thanks to technology and the time difference, Aisleyne was able to watch Big Brother in mid-afternoon and then write her column while basking in the California sunshine. "Maybe I should do ALL my columns from LA!" she told us.

Her Sun column was by no means her only media appearance during her "private" holiday. The Daily Star keenly followed her Instagram postings and carried a series of enthusiastic articles featuring her saucy selfies, almost daily!

For the last few days of her stay Aisleyne moved to the exclusive Loews Hotel, where she had a clear view of the iconic Hollywood sign from her bedroom window.

Media attention continued, and even intensified, as a variety of daring swimsuits and provocative poses, plus a VERY persistent paparazzo, proved the recipe for a tabloid frenzy of (well-illustrated!) articles - appearing even as far as media in Greece, Romania and Venezuela!

Daily Mail, Star, Mirror and Sun all ran a succession of stories with headlines and captions such as "....let's get physical..." ".....tiny one-piece..." "...buxom bust and pert derriere..." and "...stripped down shower..."

Get the picture? Well, if you click on the Photos gallery you can enjoy a small selection of them...

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